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ESL 520 - Getting Directions and Parking Instructions


Receptionist:  So the meeting is set for 2:00 on Thursday.  Do you know how to get to our offices?

Asha:  No, I don’t.  Could you give me directions?

Receptionist:  Certainly.  We’re located on Main Street.  The cross street is Udall.  If you’re taking the freeway, the best exit to take is Udall East.  Once you’re on Udall, head east for about two miles and when you reach the bend, veer right.  If you veer left, you’ll run into a dead end.  After you veer right, you’ll be on Monroe Avenue and it’s a one-way street.  Our building is on the right-hand side, past the light.  If you pass Elm Street, you’ve gone too far.

Asha:  Okay, I think I’ve got all that.  Is there parking available? 

Receptionist:  Unfortunately, there’s only street parking.  There is valet parking for the building next door, but they charge $12 and we don’t validate.  There are meters on the street and on the side streets, but you may need to circle the block a few times to find an available meter.

Asha:  All right, and thanks for the information.  I guess I need to leave early to have plenty of time to find the building and to find parking.

Receptionist:  I tell everybody to count on getting lost and having to hunt for parking. 

Asha:  Thanks for the heads up!


Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

set for
hunt for
heads up


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519 - Descibing Family Relations です




Eri:  What’s that?

James:  It’s an invitation to a family reunion.  Once every five years or so, someone in the family organizes one.

Eri:  Are you going?

James:  I’m not sure.  It’s always a little awkward seeing extended family.  Did you know that there used to be a big feud between my father and his brother?


Eri:  No, what happened?


James:  I’m not sure, but it was something that happened before they got married.  My father held a grudge for years.  Then, about eight years ago, they made up.  There’s still no love lost between their wives, but at least there are no hard feelings between the two of them any longer.


Eri:  So you’ll go to the reunion?


James:  I’m not sure.  My mother’s side of the family has always looked down on my father’s.  She comes from old money and they didn’t approve of her marrying my father.  It was really hard on my mother.  She really looked up to her mother and they were really close before my father came along.


Eri:  But that’s ancient history, isn’t it?  Considering how things turned out, your grandmother can’t hold it against your mother for marrying your father.


James:  You’ve never met my grandmother.  One thing everyone knows about her is this:  She doesn’t know the words to forgive and forget.


Script by Dr. Lucy Tse






old money

come along

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518 - Learning Self-Defense です


Teacher:  Welcome, everybody, to this self-defense class.  Today, you’ll learn how to size up a situation and how to tell the difference between a harmless situation and a threatening one.  You’ll also begin to learn some hand-to-hand combat moves to defend yourselves.

Amy:  Oh, good.  I can’t wait to learn some martial arts so I can beat up anyone who tries anything.

Teacher:  Well, the best thing we can do in a dangerous situation is to avoid having to fight.  It’s not a good idea to confront someone pumped up on adrenaline.  If you can defuse the situation or run away, that would be the best strategy.

Amy:  All right, but if someone is harassing me, I want to be ready to do some damage.

Teacher:  I’m not sure if that’s the right mindset

Amy:  I always trust my instincts.  If my intuition tells me that someone may be dangerous, I want to get in the first punch. 

Teacher:  Whoa, that’s not the purpose of this class.  You’re here to learn defense, remember?

Amy:  Yes, but you know what they say:  The best defense is a good offense!


Script by Dr. Lucy Tse




size up


hand-to-hand combat

martial art


someone pumped up on adrenaline






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ESL 517 - Watching Competitive Sports です
Bruno: Hey, what are you doing? Give me back that remote!
Tamara: The movie I want to watch is on right now. Do you mind?
Bruno: Of course I mind! I’m watching the playoffs. Can’t you see that?
Tamara: The playoffs? Oh, I’ll watch with you. 
Bruno: You? You don’t know anything about sports.
Tamara: It doesn’t matter. I always root for the underdogOur team will be victorious! Go team!Bruno: Fine, but I’m rooting for the other team. Let’s just watch the game, okay?
Tamara: Your team is going to get pounded. We will be the champions!
Bruno: Please, can I just watch this game in peace? I’ve been waiting for it all season.
Tamara: Oooh, somebody is a little testy. I think it’s because you know you’re backing a losing team. You can’t stand being on the losing side. Am I right? Your players are running scared already. I can tell.
Bruno: I’m just trying to follow the game. 
Tamara: Look at that! Your best player just choked. How could he have missed such an easy shot?Bruno: If you don’t be quiet, I’ll show you what it feels like to get choked!
Script by Dr. Lucy Tse
root for
in peace
running scared
follow the game
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